Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone with the dogs at all times?

Absolutely. You can rely on our team to provide attention at all times to your furbaby.

Are you able to give my pet medication during the day if needed?

We will provide limited medications for a pet if needed for an additional cost. We will not perform injections of any kind. If your pet has medication needs, please discuss a plan with us.

What are the procedures when a pet gets out of hand?

We will have a timeout plan for when pets get out of hand. Our staff is trained to handle these types of situations.

What vaccinations do you require before accepting pets?

Dogs must be current and show proof of the following shots: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo Virus and Bordetella (Canine Influenza is not required but we highly recommend it!)

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to come to Bonesboro?

All pets will need to have proof of spay or neuter by 8 months of age.

How are dogs of different sizes accommodated?

Dogs will be separated according to their energy level. We’ll have a high energy group and a low energy group so that dogs are comfortable with the others in their group.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, pets will need to be at least 8 weeks old to visit Bonesboro.